Lahore Museum to hold exhibition of Sikh-era coins

The Lahore Museum will hold an exclusive exhibition of rare coins from the Sikh era, including a medal of that period minted in France...

Iran to participate in Art Fair Tokyo 2021

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Lockdown drives UK TV streaming customers to more than 32m

Britons spent 40% of their waking hours watching TV during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, fueling the biggest year for new subscribers to...

Neanderthal-era tooth unveiled in Iran’s NW province of Qazvin

A fossilized 100,000-year-old Neanderthal tooth was unveiled at a museum in Qazvin, northwestern Iran, where it was discovered in a nearby cave.

Maduro calls extension of opposition assembly ‘unconstitutional’

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called the extension of the term of the small assembly of opposition legislators “unconstitutional”, after opposition figure Juan Guaido extended...

Moroccan lawyers demand cancelation of normalization agreement with Israel

A group of lawyers in Morocco censured the Rabat government over its recent agreement to normalize relations with Israel, demanding a reversal of the...

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